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Rushworth Speedway hosted the final round of the Grand Prix Midgets ‘Stinger Chassis Master’s Series’ on Saturday with Alex Myers and Chris Fowler separated by just one point as they entered the pits to go racing. It would be Fowler from Geelong who would win the feature event on race night, whilst home track Goulburn Valley racer Alex Myers won the series outright accumulating more points than Fowler in qualifying, to extend his margin and secure a Stinger Chassis Masters Series victory.

Fresh from a win at Wangaratta week earlier in the national Grand Prix Midget title, Anthony Lea from New South Wales came down for a run with the keen Victorians that included David Bacon (# V36 – DB Cleaning & Kanga Hire – PPC), Jack and Shawn Ward, Travis Florrimell, Matt Kamolins and Fowler and Myers.

Drivers in heat one were drawn to start with Bacon from pole then Lea, Jack Ward, Florrimell, Fowler, Myers, Kamolins and Shawn Ward. Disaster for Bacon though seen him stuck in the pits with mechanical issues that could not be rectified the whole evening, he missed all the racing.

An eventful first heat seen a number of competitors exit the race with Florrimell having his chain come off on lap one, Jack Ward spinning on lap three due to broken steering and Fowler’s exhaust breaking as he exited the race on lap six. Lea led the first lap of the heat from Myers and Fowler with Fowler moving to the lead of the race on lap three in attempt to do what he needed to do, finish in front of Myers every opportunity he could.

As Fowler’s exhaust ended his race Myers (# V11 – Automotive Super Balance – PBR) took over the lead and went on to defeat Lea, Kamolins and Shawn Ward.

Fowler started at the front of the field in heat two with Myers alongside, then Kamolins, Shawn Ward, Lea, Jack Ward and Florrimell completing the line-up. Fowler led the field past the flagman to complete lap one with Myers, Kamolins, Lea and Florrimell in tow. Myers moved in front the next lap passed with Florrimell moving into fourth passing Lea on lap three. Kamolins was on song, and he passed Fowler into second on lap four whilst Florrimell also passed by Fowler on lap seven moving into third.

Myers claimed victory in front of Kamolins, Florrimell, Fowler, Lea (# A1 – Prestige Smash Repairs-PBC), Jack Ward, and Shawn Ward a lap behind with carburettor issues.

Shawn Ward then began the third and final heat race in pole position with Florrimell, Kamolins, Jack Ward, Myers, Lea, and Fowler rounding out the field in a six-lap heat as opposed to the eight lap heats of the earlier two. Florrimell led lap one before going infield as his chain came off for the second time of the evening. Myers assumed the race lead from Kamolins, Lea, Fowler, and Jack Ward (# V4 – Bordy’s Graphix – Anskaitis) with Shawn Ward down a lap still having issues.

Lea moved to second on lap five passing Kamolins and Myers was able to notch up another victory in front of Lea, Kamolins, Fowler, Jack Ward, and Shawn Ward (# V44 – Dominant Detailing – Pearce).

A twelve lap feature event then closed out the evening’s racing with Jack and Shawn Ward on the front row followed by Kamolins (# V5 Pitstop Mowers – Stinger), Florrimell, Fowler, Lea and Myers, the top point scorers in the heats towards the rear of the field.

Florrimell the owner of Stinger Chassis was quick to the front of the field on lap one leading Kamolins, Lea, Jack Ward, and Myers. Myers was keen to close out the season on top by winning the feature event on the night he had likely already secured the season championship and moved up to fourth on lap two.

Fowler was chasing Myers and moved into fifth behind the eleven car on lap three whilst Myers moved ahead another position a lap later passing Kamolins. Two laps further on and Myers was into second spot passing Florrimell with Lea the race leader at the time. As drivers pushed through on lap seven Kamolins had some chain issues slowing down and this brought out a yellow light caution with lea seeing the flag before Myers could see lights or flags leaving Myers nowhere to go as he clipped the rear of Lea and almost tipped his car over.

Bad news for Myers was his car could not restart. Lea led the completion of lap seven as the race recommenced with Fowler behind in second, Florrimell (# V81 – T & M Lineboring & Engineering – Stinger) in third ahead of Jack and Shawn Ward. On lap eight some minor racing contact between Fowler onto the rear of Lea’s car in turn four occurred and they continued into the next lap where Lea washed a little high opening the door for Fowler to zip on through and into the race lead.

At the chequered flag three laps later, Fowler (# V13 – R & P Stainer Grinding – HMJ) secured the race win from Lea, Florrimell, Jack Ward and Shawn Ward after some exciting racing early in the final and through the heats by the fast five of Fowler, Myers, Lea, Kamolins and Florrimell in particular. Rushworth was as fast as many of the drivers can remember which is usually the case in the weather conditions in May, if venues can avoid rain.

Myers after an outstanding consistent season secured the Stinger Chassis Master’s Series ahead of Fowler whilst the points are yet to be tallied up, it is a certainty that Myers is the winner. The Victorian Grand Prix Midget Racing Association wish to thank Travis Florrimell for his support as the proprietor of Stinger Chassis and for all the contingency supporters and race drivers that are involved or competed.

The Victorian Grand Prix Midget Racing Association thanks: Stinger Chassis Pitstop Mowers TM Lineboring & Engineering Automotive Super Balance Wangaratta Speedway Club DMT Sports Media Jackie & Vern Parker DVD & Photography

Written by Dean Thompson DMT Sports Media For Victorian Grand Prix Midgets Racing Association

A super thank you to V&J parker speedway photos for all their support this season as a media partner.

DVD’s of some of our race meetings and photos available through contact with them on Facebook.

Photos (c) Copyright Vern & Jackie Parker Photography Contact them on Facebook for copies of these and many other photos.


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