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Victorian Grand Prix Midget Racing Association drivers returned to Nyora Raceway after a couple of seasons absence for the latest round of the Stinger Chassis Masters Series. Point score leader Chris Fowler headed attendee’s that included former Compact Speedcar national champion Peter Robotham. On a day that had small pockets of rain around South Gippsland, the track in overcast conditions was in top shape for racing.


The field for heat race number one was Jack Ward, Matt Kamolins, Shawn Ward, Terry Brown, Travis Florrimell, Chris Fowler, Paul Perry, Peter Robotham, and Johnny Rouse. Trouble for Brown and Kamolins on the hot laps put them both out of the race. For Brown, his chain came off and Kamolins had fuel issues. Jack Ward had battery malfunction and did not start either. This changed the field with the outside row moving forward putting Fowler at the front of the field.

With the track in fresh condition and tremendous nick, Fowler (# V13 – R & P Stainer Grinding Services – HMJ) flew to the lead of the race on lap one to lead Florrimell and Robotham. Perry was working hard behind the wheel and moved forward from fifth on lap one to third by lap seven of ten. Fowler claimed victory at the end of lap ten ahead of Robotham, Perry, Florrimell, Shawn Ward and Rouse. The latter two a lap down on the field.


Luck was on Fowler’s side after his first heat elevation to the front row, with a front row start drawn for heat two. However, Fowler’s luck ran out quickly. Florrimell, Fowler, Perry, Robotham, Jack Ward (# V4 – Bordy’s Graphix – Anskaitis), Kamolins, Shawn Ward, Brown and Rouse was the race line-up for heat two.


At the green flag Fowler hit the lead and at turn one spun in front of the field with Florrimell (# V81 TM Lineboring & Engineering – Stinger) having nowhere to go, his right rear tyre connected with the front left wheel launching Florrimell skyward before crashing to the track. Florrimell’s chain dislodged putting him out of the race, whilst Jack Ward also with nowhere else to go, then crashed into Fowler’s left rear wheel cutting down Fowler’s tyre.

When the race resumed, Robotham led Brown and Perry. Rouse a newcomer driver was lapped on lap four and the top three maintained their positions out in front. Robotham went on to win from Brown, Perry, Shawn Ward (# V44 – Dominant Detailing – Pearce), Jack Ward, and Rouse. Kamolins was a non-finisher also pulling infield on lap one.


Lining up for heat three Robotham assumed pole position with Brown, Perry, Shawn Ward, Fowler, Florrimell, Jack Ward, Kamolins (# V22 Dalton Building and Garden Supplies) and Rouse.


Robotham (# V50 Pitstop Mowers – HMJ), shot to the lead on lap one with Brown, Perry, Florrimell and Fowler the top five. Positions were held firm for the first five laps before Fowler moved to fourth past Florrimell. Kamolins exited the race on lap tour still having issues in his new race car, this time engine concerns Jack Ward headed infield on lap four still having battery issues.

On lap eight Fowler moved to third past Perry and the chequered flag dropped on Robotham. Finishing behind Robotham in second was Brown then came Fowler, Florrimell, Perry, Shawn Ward, and Rouse (# V32 Stinger Chassis).


The feature race over twenty laps ended the nights racing on a slightly slickened off race due to tyres of the Sedans on the program, the track held up remarkably well during the night.


With top qualifiers to the rear of the field the format used by the Victorian Grand Prix Midget Racing Association and newcomers at the back for a few race meetings the line-up was Shawn Ward and Perry (# V36 – DB Cleaning and Kanga Hire - PBC) at the front, Florrimell, Brown, Fowler, Robotham and Rouse with Jack Ward and Kamolins non-starters. Florrimell the series sponsor ‘Stinger Chassis’ business owner, led lap one from Perry, Brown, Fowler and Shawn Ward. Robotham moved into the top five a lap later. On lap three the situation changed up front with Perry leading Fowler and Florrimell. Fowler whose been on a winning streak then moved to the front on lap four. Brown (# V88 Aust Clean - Stinger) with fuel pump issues and Robotham with battery issues whilst third and fifth respectively, pulled out of the race on lap five of twenty. Fowler led Perry, Florrimell, Shawn Ward and Rouse from there. Florrimell moved to second on lap seventeen before Perry snatched the spot back on lap eighteen only for positions too change between the two drivers again on lap nineteen.

At the chequered flag Fowler claimed victory over Florrimell, Perry, Shawn Ward, and Rouse.


The Victorian Grand Prix Midgets Racing Association would like to thank Napier Photography for their support for this race meeting and assisting with being a media partner. The association would also like to recognise and thank Marcus Reddecliffe and his Nyora committee for a very well-run show and a terrific racetrack. The association hopes to lock in at least one annual show a season at the venue and grow the class with interest in the area for any budding open wheel race drivers looking for a fast budget level class.


Top five in the Stinger Chassis Masters Series standings 1. Chris Fowler – 166 points 2. Peter Robotham – 165 3. Terry Brown – 117 4.Shawn Ward – 98 5.Alex Myers - 95 Victorian Grand Prix Midget Racing Association supporters: Stinger Chassis Pitstop Mowers Automotive Super Balance DMT Sports Media Jackie & Vern Parker DVD & Photography Napier Photography


Written by Dean Thompson DMT Sports Media For Victorian Grand Prix Midget Racing Association

 (c) Napier Photography

  (c) Napier Photography

(c) Napier Photography

(c) Napier Photography


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