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General Information

Grand Prix Midgets are open wheel speedway car class that run in both Victoria and NSW. These cars are very fast and competitive, running rear mounted motorcycle engine with a rear wing mounted over the engine. They are a very cost effective motorsport class.


Victorian Grand Prix Midget Racing Association is always looking for new members to join the class. You can join as a social or full member and come along to support the club or help with some of the many jobs that need to be done. If you want to race you will need to be a full member.


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If you decide that you wish to go racing we can explain what you need to do to obtain your speedway licence, what safety equipment you need and how to purchase a GP Midget. The club can inform you what cars or chassis are for sale. Any GP Midget you purchase must comply with the Victorian GP Midget Specifications so it is good idea to contact the club first before purchasing a car or chassis to ensure you purchase a car that complies with the Victorian/Australian Specifications.


Club contacts


Victorian/Australian Specifications

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