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The Victorian Grand Prix Midget Association headed to Wangaratta City Raceway for the latest event on the calendar with the annual Wangaratta Cup feature event up for grabs. Supported by local members and New South Wales visitors including Adam Buckley, Gary Bowyer, and Janelle Saville, the final managed to be held despite the threat of thunder, lightning, and rain.

Of biggest concern to local officials was the lightning and not having the crowd in the venue if lightning did strike, as a result events were brought forward to ensure the Cup race was run.

Starting positions for the first heat race included Chris Fowler from pole with David Bacon, Alex Hudson-Myers, Shawn Ward (#44 – Pearce Chassis - Yamaha – Bordy’s Graphix), Janelle Saville, Jack Ward, Travis Florrimell, Adam Buckley, Gary Bowyer, Matt Kamolins and Terry Brown (#88 – Stinger Chassis – Yamaha – Mooroopna Mobile Engineering) rounding out the field.

Fowler (#13 – HMJ – Yamaha – J&D Price Automotive) made the most of his pole position and led Hudson-Myers, Bacon, Saville and Florrimell after the initial start was waved off when Shawn Ward blew his engine. Fowler continued to lead from Hudson-Myers (#11 – TPC – Suzuki – Maxam Printing) with Florrimell coming through into third by lap three. Kamolins moved into fourth place on lap five, Brown suffered overheating issues and he slowed down enough to crawl to the finish line a lap down whilst Kamolins (#5 – Stinger Chassis – Yamaha – R & P Stainer Grinding Services) also just made it across the finish after his chain came off.

Fowler was the winner from Hudson-Myers, Florrimell, Bowyer (NSW5 White Ant Racing Chassis - Yamaha – Arjan Motors), Kamolins, Buckley, Bacon, and Jack Ward (#4 – Anskaitis Chassis – Yamaha – Dominant Detailing). Fowler setting a one lap time of 16.531 along the way, the fastest lap of the night.

Florrimell began the second heat from pole position with Buckley (#67 Perry Bros Chassis - Kawasaki – Beesafe Travel) alongside, then came Bowyer, Kamolins, Fowler, Bacon, Hudson-Myers, Jack Ward, and Saville (#2 TPC – Kawasaki – WRT Wings).

Florrimell (#81 – Stinger – Suzuki – TM Lineboring & Engineering) began as the early race leader from Buckley, Bowyer, Kamolins and Fowler. On lap three Saville slowed down on track causing a caution flag to be waved as the leaders were coming up close behind. A restart still had Florrimell at the front and on lap four Buckley spun on the exit of turn two leaving nowhere for three competitors close behind to go.

Bowyer hit Buckley and both those cars sustained to much damage and exited the race. Kamolins had nowhere to go and went over the top of Bowyer landing upside down damaging his car and exiting this race. Fowler was next into the incident hitting Bowyer and breaking his Jacobs ladder and was not quite aware of the fact until trying to restart.

Florrimell also then pulled out as this all unfolded with his chain coming off. At the restart Hudson-Myers went on to lead Saville, who at this point had re-joined the race and officially not losing a lap as the crash occurred on lap four and rules state to go back to the previously completed lap. On lap five Jack Ward hit the concrete wall on the back straight and the race was declared.

Hudson-Myers was declared the winner from Saville, and Bacon (#36 – PBC – Yamaha – DB Cleaning and Kanga Hire).

A ten-lap final for the Wangaratta Cup was agreed to when six cars were left standing after the nights big crash and issues to team Ward. Bacon started from pole position with Bowyer, Florrimell, Saville, Hudson-Myers and Kamolins completing the six starters.

At the drop of the green Florrimell raced to the lead with Bowyer, Saville, Bacon, and Hudson Myers chasing him on lap one. Hudson-Myers moved in front of Bacon on lap two and on lap five Saville moved to second in front Hudson-Myers, Bowyer, and Bacon. Kamolins pulled infield under instructions of the stewards after it was determined the radiator had come loose and was wobbling about. Saville continued to pressure Florrimell and took the race lead on lap seven as Hudson-Myers also put pressure on Florrimell and moved into second on the last lap. Saville took the win from Hudson-Myers, Florrimell and Bacon.

Victorian Grand Prix Midget Association would like to thank this season’s supporters;

Stinger Chassis

TM Lineboring & Engineering

Pitstop Mowers

Automotive Super Balance

Jackie & Vern Parker Photography

DMT Sports Media

Written by

Dean Thompson

DMT Sports Media

for the VGPMRA

Photos (c) Copyright of Vern & Jackie Parker Photography


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