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A limited lineup soldiered on up to Wangaratta to our first hit out of the year, nothing like rolling though the gates and seeing our favourite Ward (Molly) running the show. This wasn’t part of our points round but nobody told Booker (Norman Gunston) or Chris Fowler who only know one way, hammer down. We welcomed Daniel Meredith who’s no stranger to the club for his first run, ran very solid and enjoyed the hit out. I want to see what lap times he can do in the Winnebago? Travis loaded up the bus full of spares and in a usual rush decided not to bring the bus or any tools. Blackeby was playing around with his new oil free engine invention again. Local Wangers Jack and Shaun Ward as usual struggling to find any helpers or pit crew showed good speed while fine tuning their new engines. The sheriff was running the grid draws with an iron fist as usual, also keeping Chris from dozing off in his deck chair. Norman Gunston and Mr Mower we’re all business, rumour has it mower demanded more wins this year and tried to give him the joker smile on the way to the track and slashed his face. Standard shambles from myself. Rumours from the pits Alex Myers is changing his name now that he's married, to McLovin. Glenn Cunningham is getting shorter ramps for loading the quad bike. Til next time - Kamo


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