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Kamo's Korner - Edition #9

The dysfunctional little car clubs season came to a close at Rushworth on Sunday. The Sheriff has come to his wits end and needs to go fishing again. Chris had told him he wouldn’t be driving this round as he was heading for a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Daniel and Wendy were in town minus a race car. The Ward's and them have been getting a little too close in previous weeks and informants tell me there could be a bowl with keys involved. Molly was seen hustling locals while playing illegal games of poker and other forms of gambling. Shawn Ward is preoccupied still with the bangbox so he has us believe, we aren’t sure if it’s that or he’s picked up a sand quarry as a sponsor and they give him a sample each race meet in a bag. Accidentally they dropped the sand bag in the car in the final with him running 3rd.

Mark Blackeby had to make some room and Ann was left behind. This allowed room for extra rolls as he powered his way to 12 rolls and a second place. Paul Perry remembered halfway up that he had 2nd in the points all wrapped up and wasn’t gonna catch Booker, him and Cathy realised they had the house to themselves and pulled a quick U turn for home for an afternoon of adult entertainment. Who knows what they got up to but there’s a busted gearbox involved.

Terry Brown was smmmmmokin’ running solid again until a little mishap on the way back to the pits put him out. With the right crew, I could be a superstar. I had a major sponsor pull out so I organised a deal with the Melbourne branch of the triads gang which left goofy waking up in Springvale in a bath full of blood and a kidney missing. Racing was all good until they decided to bring the fence in a few meters on the first turn between the first and second heat and with a little ‘whooshka’ that ended the day.

Dennis no doubt spent the whole afternoon pumping up his own tyres in the commentary box. Now he opens himself up to a new award, Shepparton’s best racing commentator.

Ashley had his favourite green and white mobile humming round and took the win again with the $600 motor. Impressed with his season so far he’s picked up a new sponsor for next season “Wangaratta Red Gum Firewood”.

Rumour File: - Will red nose be at presentation ? - Has Travis’s testicle healed ? - Did Marky Mark get locked up for knicking stuff at Broady shops on Friday? Did he spend his racing money on bail? - Which psychiatric hospital will The Sherif end up in? - Is what’s left of Goofy up for sale?

Til next time, Kamo


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