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Kamo's Korner edition #8

Wangaratta speedway saw Mr Fowler's travelling circus in town. Second last meeting of the year for the Victorian points series so we saw a last minute scramble for points.

Jack Ward was spotted doing Eskimo kisses in the pits. He called the night early to go set up his swag. Matt Kamolins driving the V5 was all the talk of the town, imagine how he’d go with a decent pit crew and some reliable gear. Goofy has been sent off to pasture. Ron was seen stressed and emotional watching another lunatic behind the wheel of his prized orange car.

Daniel Meredith working off the 10m diving board is still perfecting his triple somersault with pike. He will have to work on his scores as the Russian only have him 5/10. Mark Blackeby by the second heat was getting a bit peckish, Ms Ann was making rolls in the turn 2 corner and Mark thought he could lean out the window and grab a roll just like a triathlon drink station but he misjudged and licked the concrete putting him out for the night.

Chris Fowler…. Unlucky 13 for some. Green on a race car either works for you or it doesn’t. Chris had his knickers in a knot as the BBQ meat wasn’t halal. The sherif has been checked into a facility after the stresses of the track became to great and my sleuths on the ground tell me he’s on a high dose of valium.

Paul Perry and the lovely Cathy were handing out what we thought to be wedding invites. False alarm! Shawn Ward (cough, cough) if he showed as much effort as he shows in the bang box in the trailer he would be on the top step of the podium. We would also like to ask the Wards, in future not to bring their pet Alsatian who has kennel cough.

Booker who sent his good motor to the sky last race pulled out the big guns this meeting with a bone stock $600 wrecker motor. That was no excuse and came home with line honours and was seen celebrating with the biggest bomb fire of the night.

Terry still sharpening that sword and showing good pace at times, just needs to remember it’s not a high jump contest and to keep all his wheels on the ground.

Rumour File: - Travis is out for the year, while racing his Dakar motorcycle thing received a ruptured testicle, red beard was quick to offer a hand. - Dave Bacon is a fascinator and woman’s hat enthusiast.

- Glenn Cunningham is happy for Dustin Martin to go to Sydney. - John Fowler has been using Chris as target practice. - Butch absent as he was running a party for the Shep Hall of fame. Till next time Ron


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