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Kamo's Korner edition #7 "Victorian GP Midget Title"

With John or Ron Sheriff (as he likes to be called) running the show nobody was to step a foot out of line especially on his night of nights, who was game to take him on with his .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, you've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk? With a strong contingent making their way south of the border, the Vic's we’re gonna have their work cut out. Janelle Saville always brings her A game to these feature events and was hoping for the stars to align, but not to be this time. How long will this unlucky streak last?

Inside sources tell me Jack Ward is still persisting with Molly as his crew chief, but he keeps over ruling her, every time he does something it goes kaput! Anthony Lea, fast, hungry and hungry for success. With the newest true blue Victorian in his corner Gazza, they were literally unchained. Daniel Meredith was all business, wanted no distractions. Even left nanna at home after she let the battery go flat in the motor home.

The 'Tin Man' Adam Buckley was all lubricated and ready for business till he found himself in a pile of man love putting a sudden end to his night. Smooth talking Mark Blackeby pushing the hard sale and as always was wining potential dining customers, he also set a new record with the consumption of 8 home made rolls.

Alex Hudson-McLovin wasn’t there to fornicate with spiders. Talking a big game as always, Jason had the deluxe title winning setup in the car only finding out this time the weak link proved to be the handy-work of SSIHOF. ( Shepparton Self Inducted Hall Of Famer).

Spies have seen Chris Fowler seen sitting in the naughty corner after a little tantrum. The sheriff couldn’t listen to this childish nonsense and abandoned him at the track and was seen heading to Meetung for some needed R&R. Brand new second fiddle in the franchise Matt Kamo was damn fast, if only GOOFY!!! Could hit the setup. What could have been. Something unsettled the car like pink socks??

Team Andretti we’re looking the part as always. Except for those silly socks and skins combo. Alex “Andretti” Gouveia was heard saying he’d give his right leg to go fast and did just that. You can see him now with a wooden prosthetic.

The paddle pop lion Paul Perry came armed with some DD’s Dave and Declan. If he had won Cathy promised she would say yes if he got down on one knee. She would only be seen on a winners arm. Shawn Ward tried his hardest all night why in the back of his mind trying to loose the prestigious title of Mr Drifter.

Captain happy pants Ashley Booker didn’t fail to disappoint setting the place on fire for a few laps, till the hot seat got too much to handle. Team principal Ron, still days later filthy he missed the BBQ. Captain Chaos Travis Florrimell was in for a big showing, with no bus and red beard in his corner. Didn’t fail to disappoint. He set a record for shortest track time of the year! 3/4 of a lap.

Insiders have told me Terry Brown is treading on thin ice with his dodgy overtaking moves not once but twice in the same night. My man on the scene wasn’t happy and threw a rock at him but missed and got his new electric dash.

The Tom Jones of speedway Gary Bowyer overcame crippling lockjaw of the wrists, hitting his straps at the crucial time and stealing our bloody title, long memories guys. Don’t forget this! Well done Gaz, well earned.

Later Ron


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