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Kamo's Korner - Edition #6

With all the titles around the corner my spies on the ground can report, the clowns were well behaved. The sheriff was seen during Saturday walking up and down the Main Street of Rushworth banging a big drum (Fred Brophy style) urging locals to come try take on the GP’s best.

Being a bit hamstrung for time this week, some good stories were left on the cutting room floor, this is what we were left with.

Janelle Saville has found the secret to making these things go fast, toy horses hidden in the rebuilt engine, Jack Ward, moving along alright till he stubbed his toe having to retire for the night. Gary Bowyer, just foxing with a few titles to be run in the coming weeks. A vicious rumour that he will be making an appearance on The Voice.

Daniel and Wendy are still at Rushworth waiting for a battery after Nanna left the TV playing re runs of “The Bill” leaving them zapped of power. Terry Brown - Still teething, Mark Blackeby….I have nothing bad to say, the old car ran a solid race. Someone please make him an offer $$$ Alex McLovin- Hudson had fear in his eyes throughout the heats, dad sat him down before the final and said “We may as well park the car up and go to more of my awards nights” this igniting the spark inside and the kid was moving!

Christine out, Chris Fowler in, the results speak for themselves. Even with the Stainers assistance. Kamo – flawless as usual. Alex Andretti – after some stern advice from grandpa Mario and uncle Michael “Never lift” has found some good speed. Louise has Go pro’s set up everywhere so nothing is secret.

Farmer Dave - was seen in a moon boot after his dress ups have got out of hand, rolling his ankle in a stiletto. Paul Perry and bride to be Cathy have said “racings taken a back seat”. The coming weeks will see the launch of “Perry Rigging” the focus has shifted to training his new slave “Scotty 2 Hottie”.

Shawn Ward – more focused on his new trailer and post race sleepover with the lovely Catherine, word is the trailers sleeping quarters we’re rockin so don’t bother knockin. Riley Bowyer – will tell you that he split a fitting on his fuel tank , on further inspection it turns out his car has been slowly taking on water since the NSW floods, don’t forget to put the bungs in!

Ashley Booker soon to be benched after a few poor showings, it’s alright though, he won’t be lost to the club as he will be the spanner man for his new squeeze “The Tradie Chick”.

Travis Florrimell – after being a bit stiff and a bit of a Mr Drifter at the same time he got a bit of his own back, Sunday morning, Ron gets up, Travis has bus running ready to go home. Just as Ron walks across front of bus, Travis lets the horn go and Ron has peed his pants, making a swift getaway straight after.

This week there’s no rumours just this factual story. Local 16 year old Benalla resident Molly Ward and her gang of eshays are looking at jail time after allegations of extortion and protection money being forced upon racers at Wangaratta speedway. The allegations read that, competitors pay their gate and pit money then you must see her with an additional payment to make sure your stuff doesn’t get smashed up or taken by her thugs. Also she is the mastermind behind an infamous illegal bookmaking ring betting on speedway races across the states north. This is a big network as she has local authorities on her payroll all the way to the premier and federal bureaucrats. This could be one of the biggest takedowns in Victorian history. Kamo news network has highly reputable sources that have brought this information to hand and will see that forthcoming legal proceedings are reported on in full.

Till next time


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