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Kamo's Korner Edition #5

Yet again, the Sheriff was seen catching delinquents from across the state, throwing them in the divvy van and this time setting them free on Rushworth. Drivers and teams have had weeks of rain and little racing, so to say their chariots were a bit itchy is an understatement. With the prestigious Ironbark Classic on the line it was set for an elbows up affair.

Terry brown with his new R1 power plant is really getting wound up and has him hanging on for dear life, wife Lauren has been out in the shed fiddling with his brakes making sure they stay on and he doesn’t hurt himself. Blackeby and the lovely Ann were out for a romantic Saturday night at the speedway, Blackeby was on his best behaviour this time as Ann had to get home for the Miss Bunnings beauty pageant on Sunday. No doubt she will move through the regionals and go through to the state championships, make sure we all go wish her luck in the coming weeks!

The Andrettis have called in a few favours from uncle Mario in the states, he’s now taken over all engine work and is currently working on some top secret prototypes. Things are starting to come together with a well placed 6th. The Shepparton GOAT and self inducted hall of famer Butch has been missing from the race track for a good reason, he’s nominated himself as Time magazine’s sportsman of the century. Busy tinkering and debuting a new motor which will no doubt be at the pointy end going forward as long as big dollar driver McLovin can live up to his end of the bargain.

Shawn “Mr drifter” Ward was up to his old old tricks and Loooost it! Molly was up to her usual shenanigans and tampering with some welds on Jacks car. Jack has made it known that if the weld fails again, he will be kicking Shawn out of his car, they were seen shaking hands on this as a guarantee so watch this space!

Anthony Lea was in the house. The "red rocket" has already been named for another car so we might have to call this one “The Lipstick”, things were all too easy till he got up close and personal to some concrete throwing his chain. Daniel and Wendy have had their hands full getting ready for Wendy’s big birthday celebration, I didn’t catch how old Wendy is but I’m pretty sure it’s her 21st. Daniel has the fridge in the RV stocked with bearded lady bourbon for anyone who’s game to take him on.

Janelle and Lauren needed their racing fix and with NSW being washed out all roads led to Rushy. Fought with the car most the night after someone put a plastic horse in her exhaust, never less still finished strong in the final. Paul “sausage fingers” Perry was keen to get it past hot laps, just taking it little steps at a time. That step was foot to the floor and was a tear away winner in the first heat. Paul was in such a rush and this all became clear when everyone came in from the heat and farmer Dave had a dress on. Who knows what they are up to. Cathy better be careful cause if this keeps up the wedding might be off.

Ron, Booker and Luscious in their newly formed 3 way relationship have never been happier or stronger. As long as Ron doesn’t see any clowns Booker has nothing to fear. Luscious is always keeping her men in order and focused on the job. As they stayed the night Ron was seen tipping methanol all over and around bookers swag threatening him again about these half arsed efforts on the track.

Chris Fowler was subbed out this week with Christine Fowler back behind the wheel of the yellow submarine, this proving to be key move by JF as team principal. If this car is going to continue it’s winning ways Christine will be driving a lot more from here on as she took line honours this weekend.

Travis was going to take me in the bus but he said he knew a short cut through Heathcote, anyway we got stuck till Sunday night and missed the meeting.

Rumour File:

- Will Paul Perry finally come clean with this proposal to Cathy?

- Did Glenn miss another week because of a taytay super fans party?

- Is Alex Andretti’s sister Louise Andretti gonna take the wheel?

- Was Catherine Ward seen in the early hours of the morning in the gym smashing concrete blocks in readiness for her arm wrestle with Cathy?

- What really happened on the bus in Heathcote?

Til next time,



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