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Kamo's Korner - Edition #4

This week the travelling circus went and visited the kind folk of Wahgunyah. The Sheriff as usual rounded up his circus clowns like a sheep dog and this time there was 16 clowns ready to put on a show. Everyone was all Gee’ed up for what was supposed to be the Australian title but, Travis called in a favour from the big fella upstairs as he couldn’t make it this week. He and Red Beard went on a soul searching experience down at the peninsula hot springs. Things were looking promising with a bit of wheel packing until self inducted Shepparton hall of famer, Butch flexed his muscle over the track officials telling them to re-grade the track, this destroyed everything and along with our chance of having a safe surface to run on. Meeting canned! McLovin yet again was trying to use that fake ID. I’ve heard on the grape vine that he would rather drive the old low bar car. Janelle and Lauren weren’t happy there was no racing, especially after leaving their waterside views in Sydney. Alex, Maurice and the rest of the Andretti’s were all ready for a big run, left a bit disappointed after a big few weeks of getting to the bottom of their issues, but their spirits cannot be broken as there was video of them and the Ward's doing the Macarena into the night. Molly Ward was up to her old tricks again coming up behind, tapping Jack on the opposite shoulder, he’s still looking to find who’s there. Shawn “Mr Drifter” Ward has a new collection of transponders if anyone is interested in hiring one. He’s also on a hot streak after Nagambie. Blackeby learned a valuable lesson about leaving leather goods out in the rain, his trailer and tow car are for sale too. Scotty was left to work on the car while Paul and Kathy were seen walking hand in hand round the pits. Spies have seen something down the far end of the track, not sure if it was a proposal or he was just doing up his shoe? It was good to see the Adam “The tin man” “Grumpy” Buckley, getting round wheelin and dealin. Anthony and Jackson are enjoying the road trips to vic. With the sudden increase in fuel price they spent their fuel budget and only made it back to Bowral. Gary still wants a chassis….. Riley is looking at taking ownership of white ant racing at any cost, even if it means running over his old man. Daniel and Wendy were seeking shelter in the modern Noah’s Ark, happy birthday to nanna for the other day. Norman Gunston and Ron we’re running late because they had to pull over, Ron was having a nap, woke up and had another panic attack about clowns. We know at these times he’s likely to pull out his knife, lucky this time he didn’t get anyone. This ruined Ashley’s plans of dropping his things off at a local bed and breakfast he and luscious had rented for the weekend. Tez got the family together and we’re looking the part, I don’t want to be spilling the beans but Toby has been sneaking home from school sizing himself up and taking the car for a spin up and down the street. Farmer Dave and Hayden (The bridge troll) were on hand to offer any help with any mechanical or BBQ needs. I’ll take it easy on Chris Fowler this week, I know there will be plenty of content in weeks to come. Rumour File:

  • Has Leanne been preparing for a mountain trek to Everest base camp.

  • Has Butch nominated himself for the Australian sports hall of fame?

  • Did the Cunningham brothers miss this meeting to go to a Taylor Swift concert ?

  • Who is Ron?

Til later, Kamo


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