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Kamo's Korner - Edition #3

The troublesome little car club headed down to the bullring known as Laang. Who would have thought that when the sheriff pulled up, 8 clowns we’re about to get out of his car. Travis believed sabotage by booker was on the cards after his car had a sleep over. Travis then destroyed his jack when they had a blowout on the highway. Booker showed up with his Captain happy persona and was all smiles and took it out on two poor rear tyres.

Why is Mark Shiells calling himself Ron?

Daniel has been working on being the biggest motorcycle engine dealer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Will Cathy and Catherine arm wrestle for naming rights?

Molly put super glue in Jacks hair gel, now he’s got his hand stuck to his head. Shawn is still hammering trying to get that nut off, if anyone has some free time he’s looking at getting it off by next weekend.

Farmer Dave cooked the sausages with Cathy which didn’t go unnoticed. Dave was using excuses like, the sausages were only burned cause he’d never cooked before on Terry’s glowing brake rotor. Terry also got a bad case of flash burn from it.

Paul “ The Paddle Pop Lion” Perry missed a turn on the way home and lost reception somewhere near Horsham. Blackeby showing his ingenuity again, this time trying to make some home made fireworks.

Ron apparently has a fear of clowns…..

Myself ….I’ve been working on some big ground breaking news stories and wrestling style entrances with fire but haven’t been able to get my timing right. Also got beaten by a car with 3 wheels.

Around the traps:

- Chris fowler borrowed the stinger bus for the weekend and took the family to the Werribee open range zoo instead of racing.

- McLovin was seen trying to use his fake ID at Butch’s first annual self recognition night.

- Glen has a secret playlist with the likes of Taylor Swift and Hanson

- Will luscious return to drive one of Ron’s cars???

A confidential letter was addressed to myself but I see it as my business as customer relations to bring this to everyone’s attention and provide group therapy if required. Dear Mr Kamo, I’m a long time member of the club, but I have one small issue, I can’t finish a heat. I try my hardest, but 3 laps is my best in the last 3 years. I’m not sure if it’s good enough and it gets me down. I try to stay fit for racing and run 5km every morning, is this enough? Have I told you I own a broken bus? I’ve also promised chassis' all over Australia with only one problem. I don’t have any made. Please can you help me fix these problems and I think racing has something to do with it? Kind regards, Travis “The Bearded Lady” Florrimell

Til next time - Kamo


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