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Kamo's Korner - edition #14

First of all we would like to acknowledge Red Beard for the grounds we race on, as well as any past present or emerging Red Beards. Kamo’s Korner was absent last week with the chief editor and spies on the ground all coming down with Covid, luckily we had been meeting on zoom so I was unaffected. The Sheriff gathered whatever Victorian circus clowns he could rustle up for the Australian GP Midget Title last week with the NSW contingent coming with some big hitters ready to try steal the title off enemy soil. Chris Fowler after not being happy with the standard of car that The Sheriff had dished up throughout the season, took it upon himself to sabotage the night by putting grinder cuts in the axle of their trailer which finally broke 30kms from the track. He thought all his blessings had come at once and he wouldn’t have to race, then a kind little bald man pulled up on the freeway and assisted them to the track. Anyone else would be happy but not Chris, he took this as a personal insult and it showed on the night by not being able to get the win and pretty much let the whole state down. After copping a berating on the way home Chris had a change of attitude and tried to show some face winning on the weekend at Rushworth. Jack Ward had the old girl wound up with some very solid performances on and off the track, seen climbing into the swag around 7am with a belly full of bourbon. Shawn Ward (cough cough) still suffering a NSW title hangover quite frankly wouldn’t have made it to the track if Catherine, Shrek and Squirt didn’t do all the hard work cleaning up after the Corey Worthington style party that Molly had the other week for her 18th. David Bacon was flying, not so much on the track but to the BBQ where he was quite at home with his old pal (sausage fingers) working the grill, all mechanical parts were left up to the cave dweller and with things not going right, he just wanted to get through the night. Terry, Toby and Lauren put in their best efforts to find the gremlin inside that V88, clearly frustrated after a few weeks being plagued with it still haven’t found the issues. Spies do tell me it all happened when toby took it up the street for a spin when mum n dad were out. Jase and Shepparton's #1 prepared a car that should give the title a good shake, but could the driver live up to his end of the deal, the answer is no. But at Rushworth he did secure the points win for the masters series, I suppose that’s ok. Red Beard was confident that Travis Florrimell could be right up there in the mix but Travis insisted that he uses these new chain tensioner springs made out of coat hanger wire, this being his weak link by still coming home in 5th. On a positive note, the New Stinger Chassis #1 has been produced and headed north with the self nicknamed (rockstar), Gary Bowyer, who was there and abouts, wheelin and dealin, cashin cheques and snapping necks. But still finished off with a very solid 4th in a competitive field after a few early gremlins put him behind the 8 ball. Riley on the other hand got fired outta a cannon winning his first heat by an innings and 43 runs. Held up good pace all night running second in a fast field. The Tin Man and his trusty assistant Toto (Wally) were telling old war stories and just to keep things interesting tried turning round going the other way, still running home in 6th place in a fast run title. Daniel (Rot Foot) Meredith was back after he cut his toe nails off with a chainsaw taking out a couple of pinky’s, but it was not meant to be. Even with Wendy’s input picking up on the miss in the motor and locating where the issue was it still wasn’t enough for the team who have had a fairly big past few months. Captain no mates was there by myself after team principal Mark Shiells refuses to be seen at any race track after recent poor performances. During the week while working on the car he clipped me over the head saying, “he never got this sort of disappointment ever from Booker, or anyone else that’s driven for him”. I quickly popped back with, “ You wouldn’t put used second hand parts on their cars” my point exactly last week at Rushworth where an old driveshaft coupling, I reckon it was 30 years old, gave way costing me a ticket to Knoxville. Mark Blackeby has been missing since his bakers delight sponsorship pulled the pin, no other store can keep up with the demand for home made rolls when it’s time to go racing. Reason for the sponsorship dropping is that, he refuses to go to fat camp. Talking of blokes who have been to fat camp and are reaping the rewards is Anthony Lea. With that red rocket in his pocket he had the thing screaming round the high line in an effort that’s taken him a lifetime to achieve. Gaz Coleman is trying to take the credit but him and his cronies Mark Delohery have been indulging in their favourite drop, warm tooheys. It was good to see the A1 back it up at Rushworth the following week running a good 2nd. Rumour File: - Is the sheriff going on a sabbatical? - Did Marky Mark's blisters heal? - Will the next driver of the V5 be as hard on the gear? - Will Kamo’s Korner return? Only time will tell. Till next time, Kamo


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