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Kamo's Korner - Edition #13

The little car club - carnival packed in their swags and headed up the highway to Swan Hill for the Victorian title and we would like to thank Red Beard. The GP carnival was bringing its own carnival rides and sideshows all headed up from our resident carny Daniel. Only problem is when he was setting up the dodgem cars he dropped a big metal plate on his foot and requiring 2 tootsies to be removed.

The Sheriff was back, fresh out of a facility due to Chris Fowler's aggressive outbursts, but these have just been temporarily calmed by Chris’s quick stint at anger management.

Jack Ward wasn’t permitted to eat or race until he set up all the marquees, set up Shrek's swag ( who was busy playing hide the sausage with Taylor) most importantly to make sure Molly's throne was all set up.

Terry and Lauren we’re feeling good about a nice relaxed weekend away but when a gremlin got into his car, and not Toby, it turned into the night of horrors.

Meanwhile Catherine and Shawn were picking up hitchhikers thinking that they were swingers, Catherine apparently wants to try 2 guys nibbling on her ears.

Piggy bacon had been working day and night putting in a secret setup into farmer Dave’s car and it turned hard right into the wall in hot laps. Piggy looked like he hadn’t had a shower and had bindi’s in his beard I can’t believe we let him cook the BBQ. Sausage fingers Paul Perry didn’t mind cause this gave him more time to test out his big daddy deluxe swag.

Ronald “McDonald” Shiells spent the weeks leading up to the race trying to find a store that still sells a discontinued item, the McDLT. A lack of maintenance showed when poor old Chuggington had to retire with a full head of steam and an expired bearing.

Team NSW we’re in town. Gary Black obviously didn’t pass on the message that it was a carnival so they were all taking it very seriously. Janelle brought her game face and didn’t want to give an inch, taking yet another win and quick to thank Red Beard.

That Gary Bowyer went alright for an old bloke coming in second. He also is looking at taking me to Knoxville. Riley was still missing from the ACT podium someone said he was trying to find the closest domino’s store. Wally and the tin man put in a solid effort taking a heat win and Wally was last seen scurrying off into the distance with about 10 hotdogs.

The mayor of Shepparton was there with a car that could win the title but due to Alex’s nasty streak coming out, he demanded the car be removed from Jase along with head mechanic duties. Newscorp has Dennis taking a hit in the poles ahead of the next election as Jase is one of our men.

Travis Travis Travis….. the man who can do anything except thank Red Beard especially after all the hours he’s been putting in getting the green machine reliable. Very piss poor

Rumour File:

Does Marky Mark have blisters on his hands?

Is Jase looking for a new crew ?

Does Alex have bigger tantrums than Chris Fowler ? Is Deano is worried about competition with the quick rise in fame of Kamo's Korner?

Till next time



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