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Kamo's Korner Edition #11

The circus was in town again for the Wally Anskaitis Cup, with a car count of 13 in the pits what could possibly go wrong. The sheriff only asked one thing, keep all the cars on track and don’t embarrass him in front of his local Avalon mates. The clubs #1 promo chick Molly was strutting her stuff working the stands selling GP apparel. The club would have made a good profit on this until she was caught using the profits to fund her illegal gambling ring. Daniel Meredith started proceedings with his big block V8 not being able to make it to the pit gate after hiring someone from a Pakistani sweat shop to do his aluminium welding. This wouldn’t have happened if crew chief Wendy was present. David Bacon was pre occupied prior to the track and was seen at the local service station dog wash giving Hayden a wash and flea treatment, David was trying some Ross Chastain nascar techniques and tried riding the wall only to end up on his lid. Shawn Ward aka Mr NSW1 lasted about a lap before Rodney wanted to come out and say "hi". This wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t pre occupied on set with the bang bus in South Australia, playing a major role in the sequel to Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Apparently the crew left the makeup and costumes in the bus so Shawn and Maurice went back up the highway dressed in drag. Jack Ward being the level head showed it was his job to keep the family name proud in the Anskaitis built car running out the meeting strongly. Travis Florrimell played Mr Drifter and Seth thought “here we go again dad” but he was finally able to see his dad finish a race, Travis is still furious because his bus would be more suited for Priscilla. Chris Fowler in in need of some new race boots after having a tantrum and stomping his feet on the infield wearing them out, John is looking at some serious anger management training to put him through as this can’t keep happening week after week. Mark Blackeby was on his lonesome without Ann, but she did pack him a light lunch of 8 rolls. Mark couldn’t help himself but tuck into 6 of them before the first heat and got butter all over everything including his steering wheel, without Ann there nobody cleaned up and he couldn’t grip the wheel spinning outta control on occasions and after a polishing off another 2 before the second heat he was ready for a nap and thought where better than turn 1. Terry Brown was motoring in the first heat picking up the win and looking the goods in heat 2 until he realised he needed to give his new sponsor a plug on his floor pan. Toby and Lauren will have to pick up the slack at work so dad can get his car back on track in 2 weeks. Myself, nobody told me it was fastest off the front so I was sandbagging only to get hit by Blackeby. Surprise surprise he was eating and driving, anyway I cracked the sads and parked it up. Anthony Lea was on fire, literally on the way down from Sydney. Putting in a solid performance as always was going alright till crew chief Gaz couldn’t find anywhere to ash his smokes and started using the fuel tank causing a few gremlins later in the night. Alex Myers car was on song turned out by Jase and HOF running in third but was given one job, change the trailer bearings, I don’t think he factored in this could take him away from the world frisbee league. How embarrassing is this going to make the HOF feel as his head on the billboard as you enter Shepparton then was seen on the highway changing trailer wheel bearings. Ashley Booker took time away from his speedcar mates to come back to GP land, coasting his way to 2nd. Mark has been very stressed as he is putting the GP back together with seconds after Ashley has taken all the good bits for the speedcar. This triple header weekend will end up with a lot of tears so watch this space. Janelle Saville made the trip down from New South with pit boss Lauren and they weren’t playing games, as we saw her car was the one to beat and took home the win quite comfortably, and we hope to see them back again soon. Rumour File:

  • Has Paul Perry got 40grit hands?

  • Was Glenn and Marky Mark seen kissing behind the canteen?

  • Did Jim block the toilets?

  • Is ‘Big Revvin Trev’ still sniffing round for a GP ride?

Till next time, Kamo


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