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GP Midget action returned to Wangaratta on Saturday night and after what has been a long off season for the Victorian club. The drivers were keen to blow out the cobwebs and get back behind the wheel. 8 cars were in attendance although a number of drivers were unable to attend due to other commitments these numbers are expected to grow after the Christmas break.

The first heat of the night saw Ashley Booker (#50 - Pitstop Mowers) take an early lead with Travis Florrimell chasing hard. The battle for 3rd was going on between Shawn Ward and Chris Fowler. As the laps closed in at the chequer it was Ashley Booker who started his season the perfect way from Florrimell, Shawn Ward, Chris Fowler, Daniel Meredith. Mark Blackeby’s (#10 Spitfire Restaurant & Grill) season didn’t start how he’d liked it to have, suffering terminal engine problems his night was done. Jack Ward had fuel pressure issues and Matt Kamolins has issues with his gearbox.

Heat two saw Florrimell pull out before the green even dropped with a concern over his clutch and Daniel Meredith didn’t start due to an accelerator cable issue. Fowler led Booker all the way to take the win in heat 2 from Shawn Ward, Matt Kamolins and Jack Ward.

The third heat of the night saw the competition heat up as Booker chased Fowler in a great battle at the front whilst the battle for 3rd, 4th and 5th was also a close one with the birthday boy Matt Kamolins taking 3rd from Shawn Ward (#44 - Dominant Detailing), Jack Ward and Daniel Meredith.

The heats were complete but the grid for the feature was anything but clear as the club trialled a new grid draw for the feature with the high points scorer going to the rear but being able to take 1 person with them. That person then gets to choose one person to fill the next spot and so on. However, things are never as simple as that as Fowler and Booker were both tied on points after 3 heats and a coin flip decided it was Booker who was going to the back of the bus and naturally he took Fowler. Fowler took Ward snr who then chose Kamolins and that left Jack Ward on pole. Meredith in his first meeting would start from the rear as per club rules.

As the green dropped it was Ward who led into turn one but Fowler and Booker soon rounded him up and the race was on. The Wangaratta track crew had delivered a very racey surface which had slickened off as the night went on but certainly multiple lines to drive on and the crowd were served up a treat with Booker trying hard to find a way past Fowler. Mid race the red lights came on as Matt Kamolins (#22 Dalton Building & Garden Supplies) put his car into the pit gate when a shock broke. On the restart Booker sensed a chance and again threw everything at Fowler but all to no avail as Fowler went on to take the chequered flag from Booker. Daniel Meredith (#8 - DMR Motorsport) gained confidence as the night went on and made a late race move to take the last step on the podium in his first meeting followed by Jack Ward (#4 - Dominant Detailing) and Shawn Ward.

It was a great night had by all and the club would like to thank Wangaratta for an excellent track all night. The club now looks forward to getting the Masters Series underway on January 15th when they return to Wangaratta for the Wangaratta Cup.


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