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If you've been following the GP Midgets Facebook page over the last couple of weeks you will have seen the nominations being announced each night. The 2019 Australian Grand Prix Midget Title is set to be one of the biggest titles in the past few seasons with a total on 17 entrants set to do battle at Wangaratta Speedway next Saturday night March 30th. For those who haven't yet seen the entries list here it is:

# Driver Chassis Engine

A1 Trevor Perry PBR Chassis Suzuki

N2 Janelle Saville PBR Chassis Suzuki V5 Troy Buis Stinger Chassis Yamaha

N5 Gary Bowyer PBR Chassis Yamaha

N7 Anthony Lea Clive Pollett Chassis Suzuki

V10 Mark Blackeby Stinger Chassis Yamaha

V11 Dennis Myers PBR Chassis Suzuki V13 Chris Fowler HMJ Chassis Yamaha

V15 Lisa Chalcraft Four Bar Chassis Suzuki N33 Paul Perry PBR Chassis Suzuki

V36 David Bacon PBR Chassis Yamaha

V44 Shawn Ward PBR Chassis Yamaha

V50 Jason Crawford Stinger Chassis Yamaha

V52 Sean Denning Anskaitis Chassis Yamaha

N59 Rod Saville PBR Chassis Kawasaki

N79 Steve Bennett PBR Chassis Honda

V88 Andrew Ward Stinger Chassis Suzuki

Full press release to follow in the coming days

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