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This Saturday night the cavalry from NSW will be heading to Rushworth Speedway in hopes of stealing the Victorian GP Midget Title and taking it north of the border much like Victoria did to them with the NSW Title. With a prize pool of $1500 on the line competition will be fierce.

The NSW club have 4 competitors making the trip south so the Victorian's will have their work cut out for them in what looks to be a hotly contested race. However, the Vic's are quietly confident that they have what it takes to retain the trophy. It's not just pride on the line this weekend as the Victorian GP Midget Title is also a perpetual trophy named after the late Rod Quarrell which takes on significant meaning for many drivers. Rod Quarrell was the heart and soul of the VGPMRA for over 27 years where he held just about every position within the club including President, Secretary, Treasurer & Chief Scruiteneer. His passing in 2012 left a massive void in the VGPMRA that will never be able to be replaced. Dennis Myers is one of the favourites to take out his 7th Victorian Title but for him it would be the most satisfying win of them all, as he is yet to win one named after his great mate Rod. The local posse of Shawn Ward and Lisa Chalcraft know the Rushworth track back to front and will be big chances if things go their way. Throw into the mix Travis Florrimell and Chris Fowler who have been hot and cold at times this season and the Victorian's look like the ones to beat. Then you look at the nominations from NSW with Rod Saville clearly the man to beat along with Trevor Perry. Steven Bennett with a new car this season and Janelle Saville with a new power plant are somewhat unknowns this season but not to be underestimated. Given the weather forecast in the high 30's there's a good chance it will come down to which driver can handle the heat the best, or just wants it more. As with any blue ribbon race anything can and probably will happen which could open the doors for a number of other drivers such as Mark Blackeby, Troy Buis, David Bacon and Andrew Ward who could all surprise. Competition will be fierce and nothing will be left in the pits as the drivers race for pride, their mates and to have that #V1 on their car. Who will be the 2019 Rod Quarrell Grand Prix Midget Victorian Champion? We’ll tell you on Saturday night or better still come and find out for yourself. All the action to start from 4pm at Rushworth Speedway this Saturday night.

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