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Kamo's Korner - Edition #2

After an un-earned Christmas break all roads led to Wangaratta. This was the first round of the points series and some blokes have been talking a big game up until now, such as Chris Fowler, apparently he will race anyone anytime even after a chequered flag. The people’s choice (Molly) was patrolling the gates and not letting anybody slip past her without paying their entry. With a healthy car count and the NSW Club coming down, the stage was set for some good racing.

Young Alex Gouveia got some laps in his brilliantly turned out car and won’t be far off the pace after a few teething issues. Catherine Ward was doing all she could to help out her men in Jack and Shawn by adding some extra ballast to the competition in the way of muffins, I think Shawn might have had Jacks because he had some good speed happening. It was good to see old Sausage fingers Paul Perry back on track off after his sabbatical, wiring has come a long way in the last couple of years and electrical tape won’t cut it anymore.

Terry Brown missed the turn and ended up in Numurkah, did I mention Chris crashed into the wall after the chequered flag? Blackeby put his new car away to fine tune his oil-less engine concept and had the reliable old girl humming along, The wizard of Oz came down to visit from NSW, Janelle being Dorothy (The main star) The Tin Man Adam Buckley was squeaking around. Wally was bouncing with excitement like Toto (dog). Anthony forgetting to go round the witches hat.. Riley and Garry Bowyer being the scarecrow and the lion, wings aren’t self securing. Farmer Dave couldn’t get the car happening but there’s one thing he really got happening and it’s the BBQ. Chris is still racing through the line……….

Team Meredith still getting the stagger on the Winnebago right, I think a little more toe out will fix their issue. The Sherriff was last seen driving off on Chris muttering something at a rest stop just outside Wallan, something about teaching him a lesson. Bill and Ben the flowerpot men, Mark and Glenn Cunningham hate a rough track spilling their bourbon before they even got a cheeky sip.

Now after last meeting when Mower Mark slashed bookers face, Booker went home and had a good hard look in the mirror, as Mower Mark said, “ This is that pricks last chance. It’s not a bloody speedcar” Anyway it was motivation enough to take the Wang Cup win in a hard fought race.

Rumour File

  • Travis is building new ramps for the quad bikes.

  • Bel now pays for Ashley to get into the track.

  • Alex McLovin-Myers was unavailable on the weekend due to a frisbee injury.

  • Hayden bacon has started filming and will be in the next Lord of the Rings

Til next time - Kamo


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